How does JB Pay work?

Everything you need to know about JB Pay and how awesome it is!

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First of all, awesome that you have taken the time to learn about JB Pay, how it works and what you have to do to start using it.
In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about JB Pay from getting started to getting paid $$$.

#1. Who can use JB Pay?

JB Pay is for tour suppliers or agents located in the Caribbean or Costa Rica that would like to start charging Junglebee customers via credit card (Visa, Mastercard or AMEX).

For tour suppliers outside of the Caribbean or Costa Rica, Junglebee uses Stripe. To use Stripe, suppliers must be in a Stripe supported country. Please see this link for a list of countries that are supported.

There are two areas in Junglebee where you can use JB Pay:

  • Inside while making a booking via the user interface (watch video below).

  • Or allow your customers to make a booking on your own website and pay with a credit card (see video below).

#2. How much does JB Pay cost?

JB Pay costs 7% per transaction. This includes the 3% credit card processing fee.

Payment owed for bookings is transferred either monthly, bi-weekly, or on a per request basis. There is a wire transfer fee of $25USD for bank accounts outside of the USA. There is no fee for transfers to any bank account within the USA. For more information on this, please see Payment Frequency under #5 When do we pay you?

#3. Optional booking fee

We've added a special feature to JB Pay called the "Booking Fee" which is optional and up to you to choose whether you would like to use it or not.

The Booking Fee is a 7% fee (4% booking fee + 3% credit card processing fee) that we add to each booking made using JB Pay that is charged to the customer. The goal of this is that some companies would rather have the customer pay the 7% fee than themselves. 

  • If the booking fee is not activated, Junglebee automatically deducts 7% per transaction of the amount owed to you. So we pay you the balance due to you minus the 7% transaction fee. Example: For a $100 booking, we pay you $93 and keep $7 which is the transaction fee.

  • With the booking fee activated, we will show there is a 7% booking fee during the reservation process to the customer, so the total cost of the reservation is the tour price + 7% booking fee. Example: For a $100 booking, we charge the customer $107. We pay you $100 and keep $7 which is the booking fee.

You can turn on/off the Booking Fee by going to the menu in top right of the page and choosing My Account>Payment Information

You can also watch a short explanation video:

#4. How to see all your JB Pay bookings and make sure you get paid.

Booking status

It is very important to note that all bookings made via JB Pay must be given a status in order for the Junglebee team to pay you for the booking you've made. 

ONLY a tour supplier gives a status to a booking because they are providing the product to the customer and so control what happens in real time.

A booking can have four types of status:

  • Checked-in (Green): The tour has happened and the guests checked-in.

  • No Show (Orange): The tour has happened but the guests didn't show up.

  • Cancelled (Red): The booking was cancelled (Usually requires a guest refund).

  • Pending: The booking has been made but guests haven't checked-in, no showed, isn't cancelled and the tour hasn't begun yet. Basically, all bookings get a pending status first until it is time to give them another status.

The tour supplier assigns a status to each booking via the passenger list per tour. Watch how this is done in the video below:

JB Pay Report

At any time, as a supplier or agent, you can see all the bookings you have made and recevied via JB Pay in the reports section of Junglebee. Go to menu in top right section of screen and click on the following: Reporting>Jb Pay

The report tells you in real time how much money is due to you for each two week period. See the video below:

#5. When do we pay you?


First of all, we only pay you the amount owed for each booking when:

  • The tour has already happened (for security reasons, the product must be delivered to customer first).

  • The booking has been given a status (checked-in, no show or cancelled).

Payment periods

We pay service providers (suppliers and agents) for fulfilling their services for Junglebee twice a month on the 7th and 23rd of each month.

Bookings are grouped into two-week periods based on their start dates: 1st - 15th, 16th - 31st. At the end of each two-week period, we wait one additional week called the "Settlement" period. During this settlement period, a service provider can issue any refunds if they need to (for example, if you are dealing with an unhappy customer and need to refund).

Once the Settlement period has passed, if you still need to refund a booking, you will need to contact Junglebee and ask for assistance as the dashboard won't allow you to do so anymore. 

After the settlement period, we send you the funds owed for your services for that two week period. So you can expect bi-weekly payments for all your bookings that belong to tours that have happened. On the 23rd, we payout for the 1st - 15th of that month. On the 7th, we payout the 16th - 31st of the previous month.

Payment Frequency

Funds owed can be transferred either monthly, bi-weekly, or on a per request basis. To reduce wire transfer costs ($25USD fee per transfer), you can select the payout frequency that suits you best.

The payment frequency options are the following:

  • once a month on the 7th of each month,

  • once a month on the 23rd of each month,

  • twice a month (7th and 23rd), or

  • only when requested.

#6. Can agents use JB Pay to book my tours?

Yes, absolutely! Agents will be able to use JB Pay in their accounts and even add booking forms to their own websites.

When an agent uses JB Pay to make a booking, Junglebee will charge the customers the full amount up front and then the magic happens!

With JB Pay, as a supplier, you don't have to send a commission separately to agents anymore. JB Pay automatically splits the transaction into the amount due to the supplier and the amount due to the agent according to the commission settings you have set up with agents.

  • No more losing money from no shows

  • No more calculating how much you need to pay each agent

  • No more sending payments to agents for all their bookings

JB Pay handles all for the agent and the supplier.

#7. JB Pay rules

To use JB Pay, there are strict rules that apply and any service provider deemed to be breaking the rules will have their account suspended.

  • When using JB Pay, the reservation is owned and managed by Jungle Bee, Inc.

  • Transactions will appear as "Junglebee" in customer banking statements.

  • The user and customer must agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

#8. What do you need to get started?

To get started with JB Pay, we need the following to happen:

  • Sign the Junglebee user agreement

And provide us with the following documents:

  • Business license and registration

  • Liability insurance documents

  • Any special permits you have regarding your business

  • Banking details to receive payments

And that's it! We can get you started in a few clicks once we have all documentation set up.

Simply contact Michael at [email protected] to get started!

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